Vidcloud Embed Blocked: 3 EASY Definitive Guides

Here you will get the ultimate guide for Vidcloud Embed Blocked.

Vidcloud is an online video streaming service and host videos. The highest amount of websites use Vidcloud as their video playback tool.

Maybe, sometimes you are facing an error message like Vidcloud Embed Blocked.

So how to solve this error or remove sandbox attribute to loaded the videos.

Let’s dive into it!

Vidcloud Embed Blocked

They show their ads on any videos while playing the videos. Most of the web owner copy the video and use into their website by removing the ads. And then use an HTML feature, called SandBox.

With this work, vidcloud server can’t control it. They lost bandwidth except generate any income.

So they launch a method called anti-abuse. That is block videos to run to the web by users sandbox attribute to block their advertising.

Vidcloud Embed Blocked

How to Remove Sandbox Attribute

The question is how to solve this error message Vidcloud Embed Blocked or Remove Sandbox Attribute.

I am going to show you 3 Definitive Guides bellow:

• Method 1: Use different browsers
• Method 2: Unsandboxed plugin access
• Method 3: Use the iframe

Use Different Browsers

This is a very common thing to do. The maximum user does that. Only Chromium OS browsers will show this message. Like Google Chrome and Others.

So when you will face this kind of error then use different browsers.

Chromium OS browser is the top and they always fast implement the latest features built-in HTML 5.

SandBox easily block other website’s content being iframe. when you run the iframe content then it will cause the error.

So just copy the link and past open with others browsers. Like Mozilla, Safari, Opera Etc.

With this you will be able to load the videos without any issues.

Unsandboxed Plugin Access

Still if you want to load the videos in the chrome browser. Then this task you need to do.

You need to remove sandbox restriction from chrome. Follow these steps to do that to remove sandbox attribute.

Go to chrome browser and type “chrome://settings/content“.

Scroll down and find and click the unsandboxed plugin access option.

Unsandboxed plugin access

=> Then click the button that is in the Allow field.

add button

After that type the site URL that you want to use to watch your videos.

Add a site

Done all set!

⇛ Now reboot the browser.

Try again to watch the video. You are now able to load the videos that you actually want to watch.

Use The iFrame

This is the last and different method. With this, you can use the same browser. If you want then go ahead and learn how to fix Vidcloud Embed Blocked.

⇛ Click the right button on your mouse and go to view page source option. You can see the backend of the page. And all the codes are showing there.

view page source

⇛ Now use Ctrl+G for search bar. Then simply type iframe. You will see a lot of iframe options there. Just copy the URL that you will see in iFrame and open it on a new tab.


You can watch the video without any error now. Watch the video if you don’t understand it yet. This is the complete video guide.

Final Thought

I really hope you enjoyed my vidcloud embed blocked and how to remove sand box attribute guide.

Now your turn, which method do you want to use. Use different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera Etc. Another is Unsandboxed plugin access and Open the direct link inside the iframe. Also let me know which one is the best, in the comment section below.

Or if you have any different method the inform me by leaving comment or contact with mail. I will definitely share it here to help people.

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